This TDM/TDMA system use the Personal Earth Station (PES) from Hughes Network Systems, Inc., is a Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) that is part of the Integrated Satellite Business Network (ISBN)

The ISBN is a private satellite network that supports two way data communications between a company's head quarters/data center and its remote sites or branch offices. A PES located at each remote site on the network, providing communication with the hub station located at the data center/headquarters. The ISBN provides two way transmission of data, as well as one-way transmission of broadcast video.

The PES effectively supports data intensive applications and at the same time provides excellent response times for remote application.

The system provide high quality digital communications for all network sites with advanced satellite access technique allocates capacity upon demand.

A packet-based protocol operates between the hub and the remote station data port, providing efficient and error-free data transmission between ports. A range of data rates is available to provide a system tailored to different applications and traffic levels.


Inroute - Link from the remote sites to the hub site; a Time Division Multiple Access link which is allocated upon demand to user ports based in each station. Each port may access the space segment via a different access technique, ensuring the optimum response time for interactive applications, large file transfers, or application which involve a combination of interactive and batch traffic. The Inroute data rate is 64 Kbps or 128 Kbps depend upon the station model selected.

Outroute - Link from the hub to the remote sites; a Time Division Multiplexed carrier which is shared by remotes. Each outroute may be associated with up to 32 inroute. The outroute data rate can be 128 or 512 Kbps.


A single ISBN can support many outroutes and the associated inroutes, providing virtually unlimited expansion. Users can expand the network incrementally by adding low cost inroute capacity, supporting new applications at a minimal cost.


Remote sites can be automatically reassigned to alternative inroutes when the traffic on that routes reaches a specified threshold. This dynamic load balancing ensures consistent network response times.

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